Falcon Fest Creative Collaborations in May

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Janel Kempf holding peregrine falcon D1. Photo by Kyle Doane/Woodland Park Zoo.

Making the Mascot

May 17th and May 31st at Camp Long, 5200 35th Ave SW, from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm

The Falcon Fest Creative Collaborations (F2C2) are opportunities to engage in a creative and artful process to shape the design for our future falcon mascot image. Kids and adults are welcome!

May 17th F2C2 – We will learn more about the falcon as an animal and as an inspiration in art and design through the ages with a short and dynamic presentation. Then the fun begins! We’ll break into small groups to work on creating falcon images that will inform the design of our future mascot image.

May 31st F2C2 – We will look at all of the great ideas from the May 17th meeting and talk about the important attributes of the falcon. (Should it be fierce? Friendly? Funny?) You will have the chance to vote for your favorites and we’ll have art supplies available if you are inspired to add new images. (And if you missed the first meeting, feel free to bring your ideas with you to this one!)

After the meetings, we’ll have the chance to picnic together at Camp Long and get to know each other. Your creative artworks will all be saved and used to decorate the new building when we move in – a great way to make your mark and welcome all the new students.

The planning team and PTA steering committee will work with your input to develop a mascot design we can all be excited to wear on our new t-shirts when the school year begins.

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