Charter Meeting

THANK YOU to all Fairmount Park Elementary community members who attended the Charter Meeting on May 3rd. 77 friends of Fairmount Park Elementary were in attendance, and 113 charter memberships were processed!

Documents from the meeting are as follows:

If you missed the Charter Meeting, introductory remarks by Hillary Shaw and a link to the Charter Meeting Presentation are below:

Good morning, everyone! Thank you so much for being here this morning to help plant a seed. Today, we have a rare opportunity to plant a metaphorical seed together by chartering the Fairmount Park Elementary PTA.

Like the PTA and the school, as Julie has mentioned in the info sessions, we are all new! While being new can be exciting, it can also be a bit scary. In the process of getting to know one another, the apprehension will fade, as we all work collaboratively to benefit every child at Fairmount Park Elementary. To start the process:

  • Will every person with an entering kindergartner please raise your hand?
  • First grade families?
  • Those with entering second graders?
  • Who has a third grader starting at Fairmount Park in the fall?
  • A fourth grader?
  • Finally, who will have a fifth grader entering Fairmount Park?

The Steering Committee is a microcosm of the greater Fairmount Park Elementary community. Two of us had known eachother for a few years, while two others met last summer. Otherwise, we were ALL NEW to one another, and developed a team based on a common passion. Working with this group has been a phenomenal experience, and I would like to take a moment to acknowledge each of them through introductions — so you can associate humans with their electronic communications! … (click the image below for the slide presentation)


To become a Charter Member of –or to donate to– the Fairmount Park Elementary PTA, please download, print, complete, and return one of the following forms to a PTA interim officer at a May event:

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