Fantastic Falcon Fest II & Call for Refined Designs

Falcon Flyers in Camp Long meadowThe second Falcon Fest Creative Collaboration was another fantastic gathering of the Fairmount Park Elementary students, families, and teachers. We enjoyed sunny skies for creating falcon flyers and tested the flyers in the meadow of Camp Long. We had a chance to work together on a top secret mosaic project and to build a big papier mache falcon. We admired the amazing artwork from the first Falcon Fest, created more sketches of falcons, and brainstormed about potential lyrics for a school song.

We made good progress on our main “order of business” — brainstorming and discussing the important ideas for the falcon mascot. Three AsWe focused on the “Three A’s” –Action, Attributes, and Aesthetics and came up with some great descriptive words to guide the creation of the mascot. The top choices were: majestic, wise, soaring, diving, bold and graphic, colorful, and Native American.

Here is the data of how each question’s answers were ranked with the highly sophisticated sticky dot selection process. (Each participant got three dots to stick on the important ideas of their choice.)

ACTION: What should the falcon mascot be doing? What verbs convey your vision for the Fairmount Park Falcon?


ATTRIBUTES: What characteristics or qualities should the falcon mascot have? Are there other appropriate adjectives to describe the falcon mascot you envision?


AESTHETICS: What design elements and styles should be used to inform the look of the falcon mascot?


Since not everyone could be there, there is an online survey to gather as much input as possible. The survey will be open until midnight on Wednesday the 4th of June. It is super short — only 3 questions! Since the form only allows for one answer, you can put any other family members’ feedback in the comments section, as well as write in any additional ideas that you have. Students, parents, and teachers who could not attend the brainstorming session at Falcon Fest II are welcome to join in the survey!

The quick turnaround time for the survey is so that we can “hit the ground running” to refine the mascot ideas and turn them into an image to use on t-shirts, folders, and letterhead. A couple of parents have volunteered to help with this process, but let us know if you have designs to submit or want to be involved by emailing [email protected]. The PTA steering committee and planning team will work to finalize the design, which is needed by the end of June to allow time for printing cool gear for the fall.

We will post some of the fabulous photos from the event shortly. It has been a truly fun and engaging way to kick off our new school community!

Go Falcons!

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