The Results Are In!

Photo by Sarah LenssenMany thanks to all of the kids, parents, and teachers who participated in the Falcon Fest “Kid Think” brainstorming session or the online survey. We have a fairly strong design direction about the Action, Attributes, and Aesthetics of the future falcon mascot image. It was interesting to see that the online survey results were quite similar to the first brainstorming results. We are not statisticians, but it appears that around 15% of our estimated Fairmount Park community (including kids, parents, and teachers) participated in the process —  which is pretty good “voter turnout.”

See the original blog post to learn more about the process. In addition to the written descriptions of ideas for the falcon, there is a gallery of falcon images and art which shows the amazing range of ideas generated during the two Falcon Fest sessions. (And there are some cute kid photos too!)

Here is the data of how each question’s answers were ranked, showing the input from both brainstorming and online survey…

ACTION: What should the falcon mascot be doing? What verbs convey your vision for the Fairmount Park Falcon?

ACTION Falcon Fest II
ATTRIBUTES: What characteristics or qualities should the falcon mascot have? Are there other appropriate adjectives to describe the falcon mascot you envision?

ATTRIBUTES Fairmount Park Elementary Falcon
AESTHETICS: What design elements and styles should be used to inform the look of the falcon mascot?

AESTHETICS Fairmount Park Falcon
Now it is time for us to “hit the ground running” to refine the mascot ideas and turn these concepts into an image to use on t-shirts, folders, and letterhead. Our goal is to have a mascot image that captures the creative richness that emerged during the process, as well as reflecting the ideas and priorities from the brainstorming and survey. We have a couple of parent volunteers who have already agreed to help with this process, but let us know if you have ideas or want to be involved by emailing The PTA steering committee and planning team will work to finalize the design, which is needed by the end of June to allow time for printing cool gear for the fall.Go Falcons!

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