General Membership Meeting Tonight

Please join us tonight for the first General Membership Meeting of the school year!

To save trees and money, reference copies of the agenda, officer reports, committee reports, and supporting documents will be available tonight at the Welcome Table. Please consider printing copies of documents you want to reference during the meeting.

The SCHEDULE for tonight:

Monday, September 22 in the lunchroom at Fairmount Park Elementary

6:00-6:15 PM

  • Child Care Drop-off
    (Please note: Child care is provided courtesy of The YMCA. There is staff available to supervise only 30 children who are in grades K-5, so if you have a friend or family member who can watch your child/ren, please schedule accordingly. Child care is first come, first serve.)
  • Donations and Memberships Accepted
  • Take Seats

6:15-7:15 PM

  • General Membership Business Meeting

7:15-8:15 PM

The AGENDA for the business meeting is as follows:

Call Meeting to Order

Approval of the Minutes from May 3, 2014 Charter Meeting (please review in advance of meeting)


Reports of Officers and Principal

  • President’s Report / Membership Report, Hillary Shaw
  • Treasurer’s Report, Renee Hopkins
  • Principal’s Report, Julie Breidenbach

Reports of Committee Chairs

  • Communications, Open
  • Enrichment, Firdaus Aryana
  • Fundraising, Sarah Lenssen and Sarah Popelka
  • Legislative Advocacy, Stephanie Juha and Johanna Lindsay
  • School Spirit, Shanti Breznau and Parie Hines
  • Volunteering, Michelle Palmer and Laura Stone
  • Nominating Committee
    Christine Deppe, Michael Griesedieck, Ann Limbaugh

Unfinished Business

  • Election of 2014/15 Executive Committee Officers
  • Election of Nominating Committee for 2014/15

New Business

  • Approval of 2014/15 School Year Budget
  • Amendments to Standing Rules
  • Adopt Conflict of Interest Policy Statement
  • 2014/15 Monthly Grant to Fairmount Park Elementary


Adjourn Business Meeting

As officer and committee reports are finalized, they will be hyperlinked above.

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