What would you give?


Dear Friends of Fairmount Park Elementary,

What would you give for your child to have an educational support system designed to expose them to the arts, cross-cultural ideals, creative thinking, problem-solving and life skills — life skills that will help them not only succeed in their careers and their lives, but will help them find their own paths to success? Since you are part of the family at Fairmount Park Elementary, you may not realize that most public schools do not have this kind of support system. Many schools in our city do not have enrichment programs, art programs, music programs or the classroom opportunities that Fairmount Park has been able to implement. Part of the school’s ability to provide this is based on the focus of our principal and our amazing teaching staff, but also in large part because of the community support that the school receives from donors like you. Your donation to the Fairmount Park Elementary PTA supports extra opportunities in and outside of the classroom, it supports our wellness program at the school, it supports music and arts opportunities.

When children are exposed to things like the arts, cross-cultural ideals and creative thinking – their perspectives expand and they are able to become the community-minded, sensitive and forward-thinking citizens that we all want to be ourselves. By giving our children the opportunity to be enriched, we are giving them the tools to reach their unlimited potential.

It is difficult to pinpoint a limit on what one might give to create that path of opportunity for their child. It can start with a donation to FPEPTA.

If every family were to support the FPEPTA at $290 or more, we would meet our goal of $100,000 for the year; we would be able to fund a permanent wellness program, our music and all of the class and school-wide enrichment opportunities. Any donation is appreciated, and as an extra incentive, any donor of $500 or more by the end of December will be given a chance to purchase up to two of the first 20 tickets to the FPEPTA Auction to be held February 21. General tickets (which will sell out fast, as the donated venue has a capacity of 150) will go on sale January 12. Don’t miss your opportunity – make your gift of $500 or more today.

Donations can be made online at, where you can either make a lump sum donation that will count toward your end-of-year charitable contributions or establish a manageable monthly donation plan. Help us create the educational support system that every child deserves. Thank you for your support!







Sarah Lenssen and Sarah Popelka
Fairmount Park parents and Fundraising Co-Chairs

Remember to check with your employer about matching gifts to double your charitable impact!


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