Nuts and Bolts from Ms. Breidenbach

  • Julie_BreidenbachTuesday’s  Open House will be held but shortened in time to 3:00-4:00.  I am doing this in case the teachers are called for a contract vote.
  • Open House begins at 3:00 tomorrow.  I’ll have adults in bright vests who have the class lists.  See those adults for your child’s homeroom assignment.
  • The 8:00-3:00 4th/5th grade Conflict Mediator training will go on as scheduled tomorrow.  Please send your 4th and 5th grade student with a sack lunch.  Students will report to the school lunchroom for their training.
  • Enrollment changes in the past week led to me changing the primary configuration in our general education program.  We will now have two straight kindergarten rooms and also a K/1 multi-age.  Many of the JumpStart kindergarten assignments have changed due to this reconfiguration.
  • Breakfast is $2 and lunch is $3 if your child is purchasing lunch.  Make checks payable to CNS (Child Nutrition Services) and write your child’s full name in the “for” line at the bottom of the check.  Is your child planning on purchasing school lunch?  And is your child a picky eater?  Students opting to purchase school lunch should expect to eat either of the entrée items.  It’s quite common for the cook’s estimation not be exact and for one entrée to run out sooner than the other.
  • Our school colors are royal blue and white.  We wear our school t-shirts, sweatshirts, or royal blue on Fridays.   All new first and second grade students will receive a free t-shirt from last year’s grand opening event.  Sorry….I only had about 30 left so I can’t do it for all students.
  • I suggest you put a small bottle of hand sanitizer in your child’s lunch box/bag.  While we have restrooms near the lunchroom and sanitizer available in the lunchroom, students most often use it when it is readily accessible in their lunch boxes/bags/containers.
  • We are a school of nearly 500 students this year.  Please try to keep private vehicles away from the main entrance.  Use the bus service if eligible.  Please walk if you are within the walk zone.
  • I prefer not to be a nag….so please keep private vehicles off of 38th and Findlay (the area south of the main entrance) if you have to drive your student to school.  I will nag and growl but ultimately get frustrated when a parent continues to disregard the drop-off area.     If you see a green cone out along Fauntleroy, that signals all buses are in.  You are then welcome to also use the bus area to drop off your child.  FAUNTLEROY IS FOR IMMEDIATE UNLOADING….DO NOT PARK THERE OR WAIT TO WATCH YOUR CHILD ENTER THE PLAYGROUND.  OTHER CARS WILL NEED YOUR SPOT!!!!!!!!!
  • I growl, hiss, and glare when vehicles are parked in the fire zone that is signed “no parking” and also painted red.    I need that area clear at all times should we need quick access for emergency vehicles.
  • Thanks to Shanti Breznau for the flag containers along Findlay/Fauntleroy.  Please use those flags when crossing at that intersection.
  • Do you have a sun sensitive child?  Please apply sunscreen at home before coming to school.  Teachers are not allowed to help students with anything that needs to be topically applied.
  • I plan on meeting with parents at 8:50 on the first day of school in the student lunchroom.  Although I am not 100% sure when that first day of school will be, plan on meeting with me in the lunchroom whenever it does happen!
  • The most recent version of our Family Handbook will post to our website this afternoon.  I tinker with that document regularly so am always willing to take input as to what we should add.  The most recent version will always be on our website.   You will receive a hard copy (of the current version) in the first day packet.
  • The teachers are ready to go no matter when we start.  I feel fortunate to have such an amazingly strong teaching staff here at Fairmount Park!!  (And we also have an incredible office team and custodial staff who have everything ready to go for the first day of school!!!)

Julie Breidenbach – FP Principal

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