Collage Materials Needed

For our collage work in the art room we could really use some recycled baby food jars with lids.  They will be used to hold our glue.  Also, all types interesting papers are welcome.  When you think “That’s too good to throw away!” send it in for our art.  Not reams of paper, please, just your neat finds, that when pulled together with other people’s neat finds really makes for great materials.  Thank you, Ms. Maude

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Book Fair in January!

FairmountFlyer_BookFair_UsborneDear Fairmount Park Families,

Usborne Books & More Book Fair is coming to our school! We’ll be here from Tuesday, January 13, thru Friday, January 16, 8:15 AM to 4:00 PM. The Book Fair will also be open during our Literacy Night, January 15, from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

With over 1800 titles we have books to inspire, educate and entertain children of all ages! Your children will be creating and bringing home their wish lists on Tuesday and Wednesday, January 13 and 14.

Teacher wish lists will be posted at the book fair so families will be able to purchase books for the classrooms!

Your purchases will help earn free books for our school as well!

To view the complete catalog or to order on-line go to

We look forward to seeing you at the book fair!

Debora Hare, Fairmount Park School Librarian

Mara Barndt, Usborne Book Consultant
425-681 4238 | [email protected]

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Our Fairmount Park art room is coming together nicely.  Art classes have begun in earnest.  BIG things like ceramic kilns, and small things like sewing needles are in the hands of FP artists. To compliment the curriculum we will be heading to the art museum for a blockbuster show: POP DEPARTURES.  The exhibition brings together key works by central figures who defined American Pop art in the 1960s: Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Claes Oldenburg, John Chamberlain, and others.  These artists explores issues of celebrity, consumerism, and media. Students will learn about these groundbreaking artists using inquiry, critical thinking, and creativity to connect the exhibition to their own learning.  Back at school, we will adapt the POP themes in our year’s art production.

Field Trip Dates

Please note the field trip dates.  Chaperones are needed.  Classroom teachers will coordinate chaperones.  Please contact them if you can join us.  The buses will leave Fairmount Park at 10:15 and will return by 1:00.

October 15 – Classes: Kelly, Quinlivan and Wilkie  4th/5th

October 22 – Classes: Chow, Cowan and West  2nd/3rd

October 23 – Classes: Gano, Sherwood and Peterson  1st/2nd

October 30 – Classes: Britt, Lamb and Warbington  Kindergarten

November 5 – Classes: Halladin and Anderson  1st/2nd

Do say HELLO

I enjoy meeting all the families who have stopped in to say, “Hello.”  If you have not yet, please feel welcome to step into the art room, just off the courtyard.  It is a wonderful studio for us all to enjoy.


Susan Maude

Fairmount Park Elementary School Art Teacher

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