The most fundamental ways to contribute to the well-being of the students at Fairmount Park Elementary are by volunteering your time and/or by investing in the Fairmount Park Elementary PTA.

To support essential programs at Fairmount Park Elementary, please consider donating as generously as you are able to our Annual Appeal. ALL levels of participation and giving are welcome. No amount is too small–every dollar counts!

In addition to the Annual Appeal, making money to support Fairmount Park Elementary can be as easy as shopping at Target, buying or selling online, or as collecting box tops from groceries:

  • Thriftway Receipts
    Save your Thriftway receipts, and return them to the ‘Thriftway Receipts’ folder in the PTA box at school. Thriftway will donate 1% Cash Back to FPEPTA!

In the works…

  • GiveBIG
  • PCC

Do you have a fundraising idea for the PTA? Please email the fundraising chair at

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